Simon Ellson

Senior Partner & Head Business Coach

We help people like you, aspirational business owners to create better versions of themselves and their businesses through coaching, better strategy, systems and teams. If you want to increase the profitability and long-term value of your business, then we can help and we guarantee our work!

“You don’t have the be the best to start, but you do have to start to be the best”

Having achieved my goals working IN business, my focus as a Business Coach, with over 35 years of real experience, and founding 5 of my own businesses, is helping you to achieve your goals by working ON your business. By working smarter, not harder, together!

We are the top performing ActionCOACH franchisee in Dorset, driving and supporting ambitious businesses who want to grow, we help business owners to be the best they can, to win back time, to make more money and ultimately to have their business work successfully without them.

James Gentle

Partner & Business Coach

I am here to help business owners make a meaningful difference to their business, their brands and their lives. After enjoying 25 years of rich industry experience as a business leader and innovator, I’m now dedicated to helping others.

My mission is to help business owners grow their business profitably and live their lives more pleasurably.

I live in Tring, where I am focused on supporting business owners and SMEs in the local community and enjoying time in the beautiful countryside of the Chilterns with my family.

ActionCOACH Dorset is your local face of the number one Business Coaching network in the country.
We offer you the opportunity to step outside the box as a Business Owner and go to work on your business rather than just in your business. Want to make more money, build an awesome team, and grow your business?
We guarantee what we do and will bring experience, positive energy, enthusiasm and strategic thought to your business along with a proven Coaching system that just delivers!

With the ActionCOACH West Herts team on your side you’ll gain:
• A business coach focused on your success.
• Access to winning ActionCOACH sales, marketing, sales and business management systems, for your business.
• Actionable business Knowledge – to help make things simpler and better

We will work with you on your business to support positive change to help make your goals a reality.

Jo Hubbocks

Head of Client Experience

Jo is our Head of Client Experience, she has many years experience working as an office manager in a busy environment. She is very organised, has great customer service skills and loves being able to support the coaches and clients whilst helping businesses grow and succeed.

Salman Arshad

Salman Arshad

Marketing Executive

Salman Arshad

Salman Arshad is a data-driven, social media, and SEO savvy marketer with deep business knowledge. He has been in this field for 9 years now and has an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in marketing. He is experienced in designing the marketing strategy utilising key acquisition channels like social media and SEO to attain desired results for the clients.

He also designs content, creates graphics, maintains blogs, and manages online campaigns using digital marketing techniques such as email and paid campaigns.

Frank Wright

Business Development Executive

Frank is our Client Services Executive he is passionate about ensuring all our current clients and prospects get the very best experience on their business coaching journey.

Graduating from university in July 2020 he is looking forward to bringing his wealth of previous customer service experience to the team and assisting the coaches in helping many local business owners to become the best version of themselves and their businesses.

Gary is our Business Coach in Bournemouth

Gary Hales

Business Coach and Mentor

Gary is our Business Coach in Bournemouth
Gary Hales ActionCoach
Who is Gary? 
An international Executive/ Business Coach who mentors/ coaches in leadership, 
change management and strategy to help businesses grow and develop. With 
particular expertise in helping executives relocate and take up new positions as part 
of an international assignment 
An experienced business leader with over 25 years’ experience building and growing 
businesses, who “walks the talk” having worked both within the corporate world and 
as a small business owner (of a natural health clinic, retail stationery shop, pub/ 
restaurant and a Pitman Training Centre), and having gained my first coaching 
qualification in 2003 
Culturally adept, used to dealing with change and working in new environments after 
living in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean 
Fundamentally an “educator” who is passionate about helping others learn, develop 
and grow 
So what? 
I have worked all over the world and helped people from all works of life to learn, develop 
and grow themselves.  This has either been when leading large businesses for organizations 
like HSBC, running my own small businesses or via coaching individuals and teams over the 
past 25 years. 
Having learnt and used coaching theories and models over the years, I have also put what I 
have learnt into practice, so I fully recognize and understand the challenges faced by small 
business owners and executives running larger national or international organizations. 
thrive as a business growth specialist who acts as a coach and mentor working with 
business owners, founders, CEO’s, MD’s and other senior executives to help lead, fix, 
improve and grow their business.  
Having held senior executive positions all over the world for the past 20 years, I apply my 
knowledge and expertise to help leaders be more successful and happier, using the quickest 
and most efficient path possible. 
My clients experience amazing improvements in their productivity, time management, 
motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction and 
work/ life balance